Welcome to MTW Projects

6 08 2010


The purpose of this site is to provide free project resources to teachers to encourage and aid in differentiation in the classroom.

By clicking on the different options in the menu bar above you can view and download project plans, cutting lists, photorealistic images etc. All projects have two difficulty options, which will allow you, the teacher to assign the appropriate level of project to each student in a class, enabling all students to complete projects suitable to their individual aptitudes. Option 1 is the straight forward option, option 2 is more challenging.

Projects have not been categorised into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year because individual and class aptitudes vary, and you the teacher know best what project will suit your students.

The projects are designed to encourage and allow easy modification by the student to suit their own imagination and taste. Projects are also designed to suit materials commonly available to schools, and material economy was a major consideration.

In the right sidebar you will find links to useful websites including: materials suppliers, tool suppliers, inspirational furniture designers, and woodworking resources.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, or if you’d like to submit pictures of modifications your students have made to any of these projects I’d love to hear from you. Just contact me by using the “Submit a comment” link below.